Single Remedies A-Z

The remedies are available in either globule form - 7 grams (approximately 280 globules) in amber glass vials; or drop form - 30ML amber glass dropper bottles;

The remedies are in the following potencies;

GLOBULES:  6c, 12c, 30c, 200c, 1M, 5M, 10M, 50M, and LM1 to LM30.

DROPS: The same as above, plus D3 potency in most of the remedies.
If you do see the remedy or potency that your are seeking, please contact us.

To select the potency and your choice of either globules or drops, click on the dropdown to open a list of choices and scroll down to your desired potency and choice of globules or drops.
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Trillium Pendulum TRIL 9.60
Triticum Repens TRIT-R 9.60
Trombidium TROM 9.60
Tuberculinum TUB 9.60
Tungsten TUNG 9.60
Tussilago Farfara TUS-FA 9.60
Tussilago Fragrans TUS-F 9.60
Tussilago Petasites TUS-P 9.60
Typhoidinum TYPH 9.60
Ulmus Campestris ULM-C 9.60
Ulmus Fulva ULM-F 9.60
Umckaloabo UMCKA 9.60
Unicaria Tomentosa UNIC-T 9.60
Upas Tiente UPA 9.60
Uranium Nitricum URAN 9.60
Urea Puris URE-P 9.60
Urtica Urens URT-U 9.60
Usnea Barbata USN-B 9.60
Ustilago Maidis UST 9.60
Uva Ursi UVA 9.60
Vaccininum VAC 9.60
Vaccinium Myrtillus VACC-M 9.60
Valeriana Officinalis VALER 9.60
Vanadium Metallicum VAN 9.60
Vanilla VANILLA 9.60
Varicella VARI 9.60
Variolinum VARIO 9.60
Venus Mercenaria VEN-M 9.60
Veratrum Album VERAT 9.60
Veratrum Viride VERAT-V 9.60
Verbascum Thaspus VERB-T 9.60
Verbena Hastata VERBE-H 9.60
Verbena Officinalis VERBE-O 9.60
Veronica Officinalis VERO-O 9.60
Vesicaria Communis VES 9.60
Vespa Crabro VESP 9.60
Viburnum Laurifolium VIB-L 9.60
Viburnum Opulus VIB 9.60
Viburnum Prunifolium VIB-P 9.60
Vinca Minor VINC 9.60
Viola Odorata VIOL-O 9.60
Viola Tricolor VIOL-T 9.60
Vipera Berus VIP 9.60
Vipera Torva VIP-T 9.60
Viscum Album VISC 9.60
Vitis Vinifera VIT-V 9.60
Vitrum VITR 9.60
Weed WEED 9.60
Wool WOOL 9.60
Wyethia Helenoides WYE 9.60
X-Ray XR 9.60
Xanthium Spinosum XANTH-S 9.60
Xanthoxylum XAN 9.60
Xerophyllum XERO 9.60
Yeast YEAST 9.60
Yohimbinum YOH 9.60
Yucca Filamentosa YUC 9.60
Zea Italica ZEA-I 9.60
Zincum Bromatum ZINC-B 9.60
Zincum Metallicum ZINC 9.60
Zincum Muriaticum ZINC-M 9.60
Zincum Phophoratum ZINC-P 9.60
Zincum Picricum ZINC-PI 9.60
Zincum Sulphuricum ZINC-S 9.60
Zincum Valerianicum ZINC-V 9.60
Zingiberis ZING 9.60
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