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Cell Salts

Dr. Schuessler's Tissus Remedies are available in amber glass jars, in 6x potency - 90 tablets each.

An outline of the Twelve Biochemic Tissue Salts and the practical application thereof:

Method of taking: (One tablet is one dose)
In acute cases: 1 tablet every hour or two for six doses, than as in chronic cases.
In chronic cases: 1-4 tablets daily.
In painful affections: 1 tablet every ten to fifteen minutes for six doses, then as in acute or chronic cases.

Let the tablets dissolve under the tongue, or in painful affections, like cramps and spasms dissolve 3 tablets in glass of warm water and sip slowly. The most appropriate time for taking them as a rule, is on an empty stomach 1 hour before breakfast, 1 hour before lunch, 1 hour before supper and at bedtime. When two or more Tissue Salts are needed, they should be taken in alternation.

A word about POTENCIES:

Authorities on the use of the Twelve Biochemic Tissue Salts recommend the 6x potency in general.
#1 Calcarea Fluorica CHIEF INDICATION: Varicose veins haemorrhoids poor circulation receding gums extreme tiredness & general weariness APPLICATION:ELASTIC TISSUE BUILDER 18.00
#2 Calcarea Phosphorica CHIEF INDICATION: General debility bone fractures tooth decay teething disorders enlarged tonsils & swollen glands skin disorders malnutrition will normalize gastric secretions APPLICATION:A RESTORATIVE TONIC 18.00
#3 Calcarea Sulfurica CHIEF INDICATION:Skin eruptions boils abscesses dry eczema gum boils chronic catarrh Nature's great cleansing & healing agent APPLICATION:BLOOD PURIFIER 18.00
#4 Ferrum Phosphoricum CHIEF INDICATION: First stage of inflammations feverishness pain & redness of the skin cuts bruises haemorrhages dull throbbing headaches insomnia listlessness sore throat colds with feverishness rheumatic pains & lumbago APPLICATION: OXYGEN CARRIER 18.00
#5 Kali Muriaticum CHIEF INDICATION: Second stage of inflammations catarrh congestion of bronchial tubes swollen glands & tonsils stuffy colds with white or grayish secretions Constipation sluggish liver bilious derangements skin eruptions sore mouth congestions & swellings Enlarged rheumatic joints APPLICATION: BLOOD CONDITIONER 18.00
#6 Kali Phosphoricum CHIEF INDICATION: Nervous exhaustion depressed spirits indigestion nausea sleeplessness headaches sensitiveness skin troubles It is invaluable to students spending long hours on mental work builds brain cells APPLICATION: NERVE FOOD 18.00
#7 Kali Sulfuricum CHIEF INDICATION: Third stage of inflammations catarrhal conditions with yellow discharge bronchitis skin eruptions eczema dandruff psoriasis sluggish liver with biliousness or constipation shifting rheumatic pains Symptoms aggravated by warmth & towards evening APPLICATION: OXYGEN EXCHANGER 18.00
#8 Magnesia Phosphorica CHIEF INDICATION: Neuralgia & spasmodic pains headache earache sciatic & neuritic pains colics cramps Spasms where application of heat bring relief menstrual colic It helps on to let go & relax APPLICATION: NERVE STABILIZER 18.00
#9 Natrum Muriaticum CHIEF INDICATION: Skin disorders watery blisters cold sores itching eczema shingles insect stings watery swellings fluid accumulations dryness of mouth constipation indigestion hay fever watery running colds catarrh Restlessness & irritability One wakes feeling more tired than one felt going to bed APPLICATION: WATER DISTRIBUTOR 18.00
#10 Natrum Phosphoricum CHIEF INDICATION: Acid stomach sour taste in the mouth flatulence bilious disorders tendency to gall stones diarrhoea gout worms kidney & bladder weakness All discharges are of a yellow honey colour APPLICATION: ACID NEUTRALIZER 18.00
#11 Natrum Sulfuricum CHIEF INDICATION: Liverishness bilious attacks headache with vomiting of bile constipation diarrhoea dizziness grippe chills For people who put on weight in spite of careful dieting specially during moist hot weather The bile of the liver the pancreatic juices & the secretions of the kidneys all depend for their normal functioning upon a proper supply of Natrum Sulfuricum APPLICATION: EXCESS WATER ELIMINATOR 18.00
#12 Silicea CHIEF INDICATION: Wherever there is pus to be discharged such as boils abscesses carbuncles etc ulcerations perspiration of the feet night sweats insufficient perspiration styes tonsillitis catarrh of the Eustachian tubes bad memory nervous disorders It promotes sound & refreshing sleep APPLICATION: CLEANSER 18.00
All 12 Tissue Remedies combined in one tablet MINERAL TONIC Used as a tonic to keep the minerals in the system balanced 22.45

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