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Complex Preparations

COMPLEX PREPARATIONS in 30 mL amber glass dropper bottles.

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Complex ART Arnica 3x Sulfur 3x Arthritic & Rheumatic pains 12.00
Complex AST Belladonna 3x Cuprum 6x Ipecacuanha 3x Lobelia 3x Asthmatic conditions & difficult shortness of breathing 12.00
Complex BPUR Berberis 3x Juglans 3x Kali Iodatum 3x Skin eruptions Alternate with Complex SK 12.00
Complex CAT Nitricum Acidum 6x Arsenicum 3x Pulsatilla 3x Kali Bichromicum 6x Sinus Catarrhal head colds 12.00
Complex CO Aconitum 3x Bryonia 3x Eupatorium Perfoliatum 3x Gelsemium Sempervirens 3x Ipecac 3x Phosphorus 6x Cold & flu symptoms 12.00
Complex COU Antimonium Tartaricum 6x Bryonia 3x Causticum 3x Phosphorus 6x Coughs hoarseness & tickling in the throat 12.00
Complex CROU Aconitum 3x Spongia 3x Hepar Sulf 6x Dry barking croupy cough 12.00
Complex DIA Colocynthis 3x Ipecac 3x Podophyllum 3x Diarrhoea belching nausea 12.00
Complex EA Hepar Sulf 6x Pulsatilla 3x Silicea 6x Catarrhal otitis 12.00
Complex EY Apis 3x Euphrasia 3x Swelling & burning in the eye area 12.00
Complex FE Aconitum 3x Belladonna 3x Bryonia 3x Gelsemium 3x Feverishness shocks anxiety sudden onset of colds 12.00
Complex FW Belladonna 3x Pulsatilla 3x Carbo Animalis 6x Female weakness 12.00
Complex HAE1 Hamamelis 3x Sulfur 3x Haemorrhoids 12.00
Complex HAE2 Acidum Muriaticum 3x Aesculus 3x Aloe 3x Collinsonia 3x Haemorrhoids Alternate with Complex HAE1 12.00
Complex HAY Allium Cepa 3x Arundo 3x Euphrasia 3x Sabadilla 3x Allergies like hay-fever 12.00
Complex HBP Crateagus 3x Rauwolfia 3x Viscum Album 3x Irregular blood pressure 12.00
Complex HEA Calcarea Carbonica 6x Gelsemium 3x Iris 3x Sanguinaria 3x Headaches 12.00
Complex IND Antimonium Crudum 6x Carbo Vegetabilis 6x Kali Carbonicum 6x Indigestion 12.00
Complex INJ Arnica 3x Calendula 3x Hypericum 3x Ledum 3x Ruta 3x Symphytum 3x Injuries falls blows contusions 12.00
Complex KB Berberis 3x Lycopodium 3x Pulsatilla 3x Solidago 3x Urinary disorders 12.00
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